The accolades just keep coming for Cattleman’s Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch.

The restaurant, which has been praised in numerous ‘best of’ lists over the years and named America’s Manliest Place to get your steak on by both the Travel Channel and Men’s Health magazine, was recently declared the 7th best steakhouse in all of America by The Daily Meal.

“Yeah, it may be a little kitschy with its Wild West theme and gift shop,” they say of the steakhouse, “but when it comes to steak, Cattleman’s is the real deal."

The Fabens steakhouse was ranked higher than several Las Vegas steakhouses headed by world-famous chefs, and restaurants in big cities like Chicago and New York.

And rightly so! My suggestion is to hit it up late in the afternoon so you can take in the sunset -- but leave yourself enough daylight to check out the wildlife.