High schools in El Paso are in the middle of their prom and military ball seasons. Students raise money to decorate their venues, and in the case of the Franklin High School ROTC, raised hundreds of dollars to put a deposit down with a local catering company to feed 130 people dinner at their ball.

That caterer never showed up.

The Franklin High School Military Ball was this past Saturday, and the catering company, Creative Chefs, had already gotten their deposit, but they simply didn't show up. A number of people stepped up and bought food from Rudy's Country Store, Penny's Restaurant, and Little Caesars Pizza so no one would go hungry.

Real estate agent, Dan Olivas and his wife Patti, were just two of the parents who helped feed the Franklin ROTC students.

A check of Facebook for Creative Chefs and Chef Anthony Copeland shows it has been deactivated. The website has also been taken down, and the phone number has been disconnected. The ROTC says they had spoken to Copeland when he took the deposit from the group, and the group says they agreed to see each other at the dance. Copeland never showed. When the students tried to reach him, the number was disconnected.

You have to be a special kind of heartless to swindle high school kids, and ROTC students at that, out of hard earned money for a special night. There can be absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior. What a shameful thing for this company to have done.

Many thanks to the Olivas family and the other families who came forward to help on Saturday night.