10 Best ‘Family Guy’ Quotes
Characters as offensive as those on 'Family Guy' are bound to make for some memorable dialogue. Peter's idiocy alone could fill volumes. We've parsed it down to these ten funny quotes from the show, because we had to set the limit somewhere. Enjoy!
Thanksgiving Day Sports and Movie Guide
Thanksgiving is the ultimate American holiday. We eat until we 'splode, we couch surf all day watching sports and marathons of our favorite tv shows, and then we do it all over again the rest of the weekend. The best thing about Thanksgiving is there is none of the gift-giving pressure of Christmas,…
Halloween Specials On TV
Halloween is tomorrow, and if you’re planning on spending it on the couch and eating all the candy those little munchkins keep ringing your doorbell for, here’s an hour-by-hour list of Halloween specials so you can plan your night!
5 Most Popluar Halloween Costumes For 2013
Going to a Halloween costume party this year? Want to know what's hot or want to know what not to be so you aren't like everyone else? Here is the top five list of most popular Halloween Costumes for 2013...

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