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El Paso Zoo takes Part in Saving Wildlife – Palm Oil Deforestation
This week the El Paso Zoo is taking huge steps to help save orangutans and other wildlife. The zoo is launching a smart phone application which will help consumers decipher products and groceries containing  Palm Oil. This oil is killing orangutans, elephants and other species by destroying the…
Texas Puts an End to Inmate Weddings
Lovebirds wanting to enter into the institution of marriage in the state of Texas, even though one half of the union is, well, institutionalized within the Texas Department of Corrections, will soon have a better chance of being paroled for a murder conviction than getting married.
Texas Lawmakers Discussing Abortion Rights
62 people died in alcohol related traffic accidents in El Paso in 2010.  We need to ban alcohol, establishments that serve alcohol, and cars to prevent that from happening again.  Pretty stupid, huh?  Well, that’s basically the argument being made in the Texas Legislature about abortion, and there a…

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