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Marco Rubio Needs A Drink Bad! [VIDEO]
Rising Republican star Marco Rubio was hoping to take the television airwaves by storm last night when he did the Republican Party's response to President Obama's State of the Union Address.  Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned...  But his speech is definitely the one…
ASARCO Smokestacks Will Come Down Next Year
Two weeks ago, I asked you to take my poll, please, about how you felt about the ASARCO smokestacks - should they stay or should they go?  About 57% of you said they should stay.  Unfortunately, it looks like the smokestacks across I-10 from UTEP are not long for this world...
A Waterpark Could Be Coming To Northeast El Paso
Part of the fight over the recently passed Quality of Life bonds centered on Cohen Stadium and the Tiguas.
Some El Pasoans thought Cohen should have been renovated or torn down, and the new Triple A ballpark built on the northeast site.
That isn't going to happen, but something big might be comin…

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