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Downtown El Paso Ballpark Art – What Do You Want To See?
So, the City is going to build a Triple A ballpark in downtown El Paso - maybe you've heard something about that?  The City has also hired 3 artists to art-up the joint.  So the question is, what kind of art do you want to see at the ballpark?
Texas Lawmakers Want to Tax Sugary Beverages
Texas lawmakers recently introduced a new bill that, if passed, would instill a penny-per-ounce tax on sodas and other sugary beverages in an effort to raise more money for public education and state health services.
El Paso Can Build The Triple A Ballpark – Or, Can It? [POLL]
The two sides of the ballpark debate finally got a ruling yesterday from a state court in Austin.
The City of El Paso got the go ahead for it’s plans to build a minor league ballpark in downtown El Paso because the judge in the case said the group opposed to the ballpark didn’t prove their case that …

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