You know what makes a classic movie even better? Watching a classic movie for free in a fabulous setting. The International Museum of Art will be showing on the of the premiere movies of the 80s, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, this Saturday for free. You get to see a movie that changed the way movies were done. Animation mixed with live action was usually only done in movies as a novelty, but 'Roger Rabbit' was an entire movie of live actors interacting with cartoon characters, and by five minutes in, you really believed that 'Toons were hanging out in post WWII California.

Everyone know the storyline by now, but unless you were around in the 80s when it was released, you've probably never seen Roger and his 'Toon friends cavorting on the big screen, and let me tell you something, if you haven't seen Jessica Rabbit on the big screen, then fella, you haven't seen Jessica Rabbit!

The International Museum of Art is located at 1211 Montana Ave. The movie begins at 2 p.m., and concessions are available. Seeing this movie on the big screen will blow you away. Don't miss it!