Cat people vs. Dog People. Most of us are either one or the other and can’t understand why other people don’t prefer the fur ball of OUR choice. Regardless of your preference, though, it turns out dog and cat lovers have a few things in common.

According to the search site Hunch -- which polled over 200,000 pet owners -- you both tend to have conversations with animals, your both just as likely to have a college degree, and you both hate shirts and sweaters that have pictures of animals on them. But, just as dogs and cats are different animals, you’re also different in many ways. Here are eight weird ways Dog People and Cat People are different:

#1.)  Dog People Like Paul McCartney. You’re 18% more likely to say he's their favorite Beatle.  Cat people are 25% more likely to pick George Harrison.

#2.)  Cat People Like to Tweet. According to the poll, you’re 10% more likely to use Twitter than a dog person is.

#3.)  Dog People Like Zoos. You’re 9% more likely to think of them as "happy" places.

#4.)  Dog People Are 30% More Likely to Enjoy Slapstick Comedy and Impressions. Cat people are 21% more likely to enjoy irony and puns.

#5.)  Cat People Are More Introverted. You’re 14% more likely to stay close to your friends at a party.

#6.)  Dog People Are 11% More Likely to Support Cloning. But only for animals.

#7.)  Cat People Are More Educated. You’re 17% more likely to have a graduate degree.

#8.)  Dog People Have Trendier Ringtones. You’re 36% more likely to use a pop song.