Carbon Monoxide is a scary and silent killer. But you can take steps to ensure you and your family are the safest they can be.

The temperatures are dropping and the heaters are turning on. Take some precautionary steps to make sure your family is safe this winter season.

  • Make sure that all heating devices, like your furnace, gas fireplace and gas water heater are properly installed and get a qualified technician to inspect and service your equipment annually.
  • Install a approved carbon monoxide alarm outside each sleeping area in your home. It's best to have an alarm on each level for better protection.
  • Check and test your existing alarms each season by pushing the test button and put a reminder in your calendar so you don't forget! Also, make sure to replace batteries as needed.
  • Know the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and work with your family to create an escape plan and designate a meeting spot outside of your home in case of emergencies.

Stay safe this winter season!