In the age of technology and social networking, your profile is the first thing someone who you are interested in looks at. Here are some tips to spice up your profile resume!

#1.)  Your Pictures.  Of course your pictures are the first thing someone looks at when they're checking you out on Facebook.  So be selective about the pictures you post or are tagged in.  And ladies, stop it with the duck faces!

#2.)  Posts About Politics or Religion.  Not saying you shouldn't feel free to express your opinions, just be aware that you might isolate part of the dating pool in the process.  Just be selective on certain feelings. Especially if they are not so nice, you don't want to offend anyone!

#3.)  Your Friends and Their Comments.  Not only are potential dates going to be looking at what YOU post, they're going to look at your friends' comments too.  So if you're a girl who only has guys commenting on your status updates, it might look bad. Or vice versa, a guy who has only girls swooning on his posts will not be appealing to a potential date.

#4.)  Pages You Like.  Just like status updates, the pages you like can reveal a lot about you.  So if you've "liked" Mel Gibson's Facebook page, potential dates are going to see that and maybe think you are psycho!

So go edit your page and fly fly little future love birds!