Hard to believe ‘Saturday Night Fever’ premiered 35 years ago today. All these years later and I can still picture John Travolta as Tony Manero with a can of paint in his hand strutting down the sidewalk to the tune of "Stayin' Alive."  Even now the poster shot of Travolta in the white suit with bell-bottomed legs spread and finger pointing up in the air pops into my head whenever I hear a disco song.

Sure, as a whole it was far from Oscar material, but time has been kind to it in my mind. Maybe I’ll pop the DVD in over the weekend and re-live the 70’s for a couple of hours. Or better yet, take take the wife out and swing her around the dance floor like Tony Manero with Stephanie in the video below. Naw, who am I kidding? Time may have been kind to the movie, but it hasn't been that great to these old bones!

More Than A Woman