Is looking good worth your health? Scientists say that the skinny jeans are actuallynot good for your health. The way the material is tight on your body can pinch nerves and lead to many health side effects.


For me? I have felt that tingly sensation when I sit in a certain position in my skinny jeans. So what do I do to stop that from happening? I love skinny jeans and the way they look but I have found other alternatives that feel better to wear but still have that sexy look.  I am a HUGE fan of jeggings, leggings that look just like jeans. Also, I wear tons and tons of leggings all the time. I have started recently collecting leggings and getting them in funky colors, patterns, or textures, which give me way more options than regular jeans would. Also, when I pick pants now, I make sure the material is stretchy, mostly because you can look hot in your skinny jeans, but not having the ability to sit down or move can kind of kill the look for you. Remember, pain is beauty and you have to suffer for fashion sometimes, but always make sure you can move. You don't look good standing all the time, not able to sit, dance, or do anything!

Check out the video below to see how skinny jeans affect your health.