Usually billboards look like this.  Big, splashy, and most importantly for the people who sell the space, paid for!  But what happens when you have a billboard space that isn't selling?  Your profit margin on that space goes poof!  What to do, what to do? 

That was the dilemna facing a Netherlands billboard company.  They needed to sell some advertising space and decided a potentially nekkid man was the best way to do it! 

 But not a HOT potentially nekkid guy, but a less than hot potentially nekkid guy! For every day the advertising space went unsold, the man in the picture got nekkider and nekkider! 

So did the space get sold?  Or did the guy reveal all?

Check out the rest of the story, and be aware, it is slightly NSFWish.....

Oh, and you probably shouldn't look for at least an hour after eating!