The AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts will probably be one of the most disputed games in NFL history because of the footballs that were deflated and gave Tom Brady an edge against the Colts. Now, a couple who got one of those controversial footballs, is selling it.

Laura and Matt Nichols were in the end zone when LeGarrette Blount scored late in the third quarter. Wide receiver Brandon LaFell picked up the ball and gave it to the couple. No one knew at the time the controversy that would surround those balls. says the Nichols thought the ball was a backup ball at first, but then the NFL confirmed that the 12 deflated balls used in the first half were re-inflated for the second half, and that's when they knew they had a 'Deflategate' ball.

History doesn't come cheap, though. The opening bid is $25,000, and it goes up from there. That's pretty deflating. HA! See what I did there?