El Paso Electric workers found a burned body in the basement of a historic downtown El Paso building on Friday. El Paso Police are still investigating the incident, but the details are really weird and really disturbing.

elpasotimes.com/Ruben Ramirez

The EPE crew was working in the building at 101 N. Mesa Street around 9 o'clock in the morning when they found the burned body of an unidentified man. They told police that the body appeared to have been bound and gagged. It has also been reported that the body was dismembered. The man's left arm below the elbow was missing and the right leg below the knee also was missing.

Even stranger is the report that an arrow and the words "Death A Waits" was found painted on a wall pointing to where the body was found.

The building, which his owned by local businessman Billy Abraham, was the site where outlaw John Wesley Hardin was shot in 1891. Abraham said he has leased the building to someone who is going to open a bar and restaurant with a Wild West theme. He didn't say if that will still happen.