It’s not uncommon for police to make an arrest based on skidmarks a perpetrator leaves behind. Usually, though, the skidmarks are from his tires as he peels out while leaving the scene of the crime.

Such was not the case in Denver, Colo. The skidmarks this guy left behind were on his shorts.

Back in 2014, someone broke into a church and preschool in Denver, Colo., and stole guitars and electronics. Apparently, he pooped himself while burglarizing the place and then left the dirty undies behind. Police found them while they were investigating the B&E, bagged them up, and sent them to the lab for DNA testing.

Because there were other, more serious crimes to investigate, the lab only got around to running them a few weeks ago. The results of the testing led investigators to 49-year-old Rodney Mark Hendrix, who it turns out was already behind bars with the Colorado Department of Corrections on theft and drug cases.

Hendrix is now facing additional burglary and theft charges. And a lifetime of s*%#y jokes.