Have you ever bought something big, like a new flat screen or a ready to assemble bookshelf, then discovered as you were trying to load into your car that it wasn't going to fit in your trunk or backseat?

This is the stupid criminal version of that moment.

20-year-old Joel Perez and 21-year-old Oscar Perez broke into a house in San Marcos, Texas on Thursday, and stole one of those huge safes that are around the size of a fridge. But they were driving a 2003 Toyota Camry -- great for gas mileage, not so great for transporting large, bulky safes.

Hays County Sheriff's Office

They tried their best to jam the safe into the backseat, but it wasn't going to happen. Meanwhile, the break-in triggered a silent motion-activated alarm synced to the homeowner's smartphone alerting him to the burglary attempt.

According to the Hays County Sheriff’s Office, the responding deputy arrived to find Joel and Oscar still trying to figure out how to get the safe into the backseat.

Hays County Sheriff's Office