Back in March 2013, a drunk driver crashed into the car carrying 11-year-old Zumyah Thorpe, her pregnant mother, and her two sisters. Zumyah was the only one who survived the crash, but had brain swelling so severe doctors had to remove part of the skull. She has fought hard to recover, using Bruno Mars' songs.

As I watched the news report featuring Zumyah, I couldn't stop the tears! This girl really is amazing and it hasn't gone unnoticed. The people who have been helping Zumyah through her recovery, have shared her story with WKYC. They believe she is a miracle patient.

According to a Nancy Bass, MD pediatric neurologist at UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, "Most people with these injuries, as many as 70 percent, don't survive. And of those survivors, most stay in a vegetative state, never walking, talking, eating on their own, or even sitting up."

Every night, the nurses assisting Zumyah would play Bruno Mars' music and she would sing every word. It was seen as music therapy and a true miracle. Dr. Bass says the accident left Zumyah with diminished sight so her other senses are important.

During the first news report by WKYC, the end of their report mentioned Bruno Mars wanting to meet Zumyah. I believe this news station made it happen.

Bruno Mars is one of my favorite artists, not just because of his voice or how gorgeous he is, but because he is an amazing man. If you don't believe me, hopefully this video can convince you. Bring on the tears!