Remember the 1987 hit by Suzanne Vega, 'Tom's Diner'? The queen of pop, Britney Spears, decided to do a cover of it and we love it. Take a listen.

It seems that '80s music is getting sampled by more artists every day and Britney is no exception. She, too, finds the gold in these gems that once were. Suzanne Vega's song, 'Tom's Diner' was indeed a classic and still gets played on radio stations all over the country, including KISS-FM.

Britney decided to cover the song and put her own spin on it with some club mixes but staying very close to the original, you can listen to the whole cut of Britney Spears version of 'Tom's DinerHERE.

It does sound very close to the original and I am loving the new spins to it like the club beats and techno sounds. I think Britney Spears hit the nail on the head and did the song justice.