So many parents here in El Paso aren't able to see their children graduate while they are serving overseas. El Paso Independent School District was able to allow one mother to see her child graduate through technology. 

Destiny Grolou wipes tears of joy knowing she can be seen by her deployed mother,Sgt. Lori Faulkner, in Afghanistan.

Bowie High School senior Destiny Grolou was set to walk for her graduation last Friday, but one important member of her family was absent from the ceremony. Her mother, Sgt. Lori Faulkner is serving overseas in Afghanistan and was unable to make it to her ceremony. Thanks to the El Paso Independent School District, the EPISD TV studio live streams not only Bowie but all high school graduations so that family members who are unable to make it to the Sun City can watch their loved ones commencement ceremonies. Sgt. Faulkner had this message for EPISD,

“I want to thank you for making it possible for me to see my daughter graduate yesterday. It meant so much to me to see her walk across that stage, words cannot describe the feeling…I’m glad that she was part of a school and a district that take part in their students’ lives.”

The studio plans to make next year's ceremonies even better, by putting them on Youtube to watch and keep them there for a few months. So even if you are unable at that exact moment to watch the ceremony, you can see it over and over again. A great job by EPISD, keep families connected, no matter where they are.