is pretty well known for their lists like 'Worst Cities For Foodies', 'Least Hipster Cities In The Country', and '10 Worst Dressed Cities'. El Paso made all of those lists, but Movoto recently blogged about the 26 things people need to know about the EP before they plan on moving here. The title is spot on, because it's clear that nobody from Movoto has ever been here.

You know I love me the EP, but I think Movoto built it's list by Google-ing El Paso. Chico's Tacos is on the list, of course, as is Cattlemen's, and even the KLAQ Balloonfest and the Downtown El Paso Streetfest made the list. It's nice that our events were included, but the bad writing doesn't do the 26 things justice. Here are a few of the sillier things that made their list.

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    Folks in El Paso Walk Everywhere, And They Love It

    We love walking everywhere?  Movoto says El Pasoans love to walk because the whole city is connected by sidewalks. Um, really? They sound surprised that we have pavement!  Clearly these guys have never seen rush hour traffic on the far east side!  Walking?!  P-shaw! Monsisvais
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    It Doesn’t Rain Much In El Paso, But When It Does There’s A Flood

    Another item talks about how we all freak out when it rains around here, and how things fall apart. Well, okay. So that one they got right....
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    El Pasoans Have A Grand Time On The Rio Grande

    Movoto talks about the Rio Grande and how we all 'flock to the river in droves to angler fish, hike along the banks, and go whitewater rafting.'  They even include a lovely photo of people white water rafting in their blog.  I think someone took it during Storm 2006, because the Rio Grande hasn't had that much water in 100 years. Gutierrez
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    Every El Pasoan Has A Little Cowboy In Them

    The website also thinks we all 'have a little bit of cowboy' in us, and that means cowboy boots and cowboy hats never go out of style.  I know this to be true because I often hear the gentle clink clink clink of spurs as my co-workers walk down the hallway here at the station.  Just check out our cowboy chic from a few years ago at the KISS FM Love Affair and Bridal Expo.  Thanks Movoto for your incredibly accurate picture of El Paso!