I know, you're strapped for cash.  We all are.  But the screamingly cold weather is upon us and it might not be bad if you have a warm place to sleep, but not everyone does.  Now, I know our KISS listeners are the most generous people out there, so I'm going to the well again and ask for your help.

Any time Mike and I ask for your help, you always come through!  Every year, we ask for your help gathering Easter Baskets and school supplies, and every year, our listeners make it possible for needy El Paso kids to have a happy Easter and a well-stocked school year.  As we know, the weather around here can get pretty mean, and there is nothing worse than being cold, so I'm asking for your help.

I saw a story on KFOX recently, and yesterday, a few listeners let me know how they got together at work and amongst their families to help out people who need a way to keep warm this winter.  I'm hoping we can fill a need here in El Paso.  New, unused blankets can make the winter weather a lot easier to bear, and if you can help, please do!  Even one blanket would help.  Mike and I are always amazed at how much happiness one Easter basket brings, or how a bunch of donations of one pack of paper add up to help out so many kids.

So I'm asking, if you can afford to buy one blanket, please do.  You can drop it off at any fire station around town, and they'll get distributed to the people who need them.  Or if you like, drop them off here at the station at 4180 N. Mesa and I'll get them to a fire station for you.  Just please, help.  Thanks.