This Friday night, we are going to be partying like it's 1988 - I know it's supposed to be 1999, but we celebrating the '80s, not the '90s!  It's The Danger Zone - That '80s Party happening at the Holiday Inn Airport, and a classic '80s actress is making a comeback on a classic reality tv show!

What girl that grew up in the '80s didn't want to be Blair on 'Facts of Life'?  She had it all - the blonde hair, the rich parents, the cool boarding school!  Well, everything old is new again, and we'll be seeing Blair again on tv!

Ok, not really "Blair", but the actress who played her, Lisa Whelchel!  She is going to join the cast of 'Survivor: Phillipines' starting September 19th.  'Survivor' has been on the air for 25 seasons, so it's about time they got around to Miss Blair Warner!

For those of you who don't know who Blair Warner is, she was the impossibly snooty classmate of Jo, Natalie, and Tootie.  She had seriously blonde hair, seriously hoity toity answers to whatever working-class Jo had to say, and seriously funny scenes whenever she got her comeuppance!

And since we are celebrating the '80s, let's go back to 'The Facts of Life' for a classic Blair moment!  See you Friday night!