Cats can be jerks but they are loving animals, when they get what they want. For years, people have used Halloween as an excuse to kill black cats for sacrifices, superstitions and even just for fun. There is an actual history behind this cat killing madness.

As a cat owner, I freak out Halloween night trying to make sure jerks aren't trying to kidnap or kick my cats. I own five and yes I do hear cat lady jokes all the time. I have to end up sitting outside, handing out candy just to keep an eye on cat killers. Some animal shelters even block adoptions of black cats just to make sure nothing bad happens to them. Unfortunately, there are many cats running around neighborhoods who don't have protection.

Throughout the years, people have created a bad reputation for black cats by believing they were witches' supernatural servants.They thought they were evil and were just waiting to attack people's souls. Witches and Halloween go hand in hand so of course this leads to the connection between black cats and Halloween.

Halloween originated from Celtic feasts that celebrated the end of summer and believed it was the day spirits roamed the streets to cause mayhem. People dressed up in costumes so these evil spirits wouldn't recognize them not because they want to impression their crush as a sexy hamburger. They also used to sacrifice animals and offer food to the spirits.

Not sure if we still have many people that follow the traditional belief of Halloween but the superstitions of black cats is still around. If you are a cat owner like me, try to keep them indoors if you can or just make sure they stay close to your house. Remember, cats are not evil just jerks but this little black cat shows just how awesome they are!