By this time of the night, we've all had dinner and we're sitting around wondering how we're going to work off that dinner.  Well, wonder no more - I've found the perfect, easy way to lose weight!

A Korean company has figured out how to bring the thigh and butt shaping workout of an afternoon of horse-back riding, into your living room!

I don't read Korean, so I don't know what this workout workhorse is called, but from the animated explanation, all I need to know is that I'm going to look like Elle MacPherson any day now!

Watch the video and you'll see this is the kind of workout you can do while watching the evening news.  It'll also be invaluable if you ever go into training for a career in the adult entertainment industry!

Mike can use this to shed some pounds, too!  We'll get him up on one of these things soon, and watch the pounds melt away!