Well this is a bit hawkward. Some birds have no shame, no chill and just do what they want. This hawk was showing this guy who's boss.

After letting his Corgi's outside for the day this unexpecting dude heard a crash through his bedroom window. He assumed it was a robbery and ran to the scene to see what was happening.

To his surprise, his bedroom window was busted up and glass was everywhere and a hawk laid at the foot of his bed dazed and confused.

The hawk freaked out and put up a fight. He managed to damage almost everything in the room. He knocked everything off the dresser, ripped the curtains and scratched every piece of wood in the room. Not to mention pooping all over the place in the process.

The homeowner called animal services and they removed him safely, but not before the hawk them posed for an epic picture. I can already see the memes.

Source: hewlandrower via Imgur