This touching story of 16-year-old El Pasoan, Jacqueline Aimee Trejo's friends rallying together to get Justin Bieber to tweet a responds to their hashtag really touched my heart. Trejo passed away February 20th from Aplastic Anemia but Bieber still hasn't responded. Real artists interact with their fans. It doesn't take too much time to acknowledge someone who has helped your career. El Paso is waiting Bieber.


Let me start by saying, I send my condolences to Jaqueline Aimee Trejo's family and friends, she was taken away too soon.

Now I am not very fond of Bieber but if he were to respond to this hash tag on Twitter, I would have some respect for him. This beautiful young girl loved Bieber according to her tweets. On Twitter, her friends said it was her dream to go to just one of his concerts so now all they are asking is for one simple tweet.

I admire artist that do reach out to fans during their busy schedules just to say hi or make a joke. Lzzy Hale, lead singer from the band Halestorm, which I admire, sent me a tweet that has made my life by just acknowleding that she loves the tattoo I got in tribute to the band. Little things like this is what makes a loyal fan base. Artist like Bieber who can't stop for 2 minutes just to mention one of his biggest fans really disappoints me.

I just hope everyone who tweets can help Jacqueline be recognized by Bieber. Send out a tweet using #Justinsingforjaqueline in her memory!