The magical day has finally arrived -- Thanksgiving. Don't worry if you're not the football type.  We've put together all of our best Thanksgiving content right here in one concentrated area, because your fingers are probably too tired from eating to type very muh. We care about you. We really do. Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

The Most Awesome Paper Turkeys

See examples of holiday craft time gone horribly, horribly wrong

Thanksgiving, Instagrammed


15 picture examples of why NOT to share your feast with the world

Weird Thanksgiving Songs

Look, these people spent a lot of time making this music, and we think you should give them the benefit of the doubt. Also, we're sorry.

'Home for the Holidays,' Then and Now


See what the cast of everybody's favorite Thanksgiving movie is up to today!

Thanksgiving Dinner Sentencing


Just be glad you didn't try to run over a bunch of cops -- you could be spending Thanksgiving cooking dinner for them, like this lady.

The Best Thanksgiving Memes


Nothing says 'I'm stuffed' quite like mindlessly scrolling through a bunch of image macros