Sometimes all you want is a tasty burrito for a reasonable price, is that too much to ask for? Not anymore. Las Cruces has some great places with some amazing burritos. Let's see how many you've tried.


  • Mesilla Valley Kitchen

    Serving up some delicious huevos rancheros, but don't forget to try their burritos. Deliciously smothered in your choice of red or green chile, you're sure to come back for more.

  • Go Burger

    I know right? It's a burger joint, but they are famously known for their huge and delicious burritos. And I mean huge...about the length of your arm! No kidding, and they are so good.

  • Bosa Donuts

    Again the name could trick you but these burritos are to die for. They serve it all, even menudo on the weekends.

  • Las Trancas

    I have been here and the atmosphere is a fun family owned place and sometimes those are the places with the best food. Try their burritos smothered or not, you won't be disappointed.

  • Nellie's Cafe

    Yes they have fabulous enchilada plates but their burritos are quite the spectacle. Delicious and loaded with all the ingredients you love.

  • Dick's Cafe

    Dick's is known for it's very famous green chile cheeseburgers but those burritos are just as good. They can smother it with your favorite red or green chile sauce as well and cheese. So good.