I love an all American burger! I was in search of the best burgers in El Paso and came across this list. Any others you could add?

1.) Roscoes
2.) Fuddruckers
3.) Great American Land & Cattle Company
4.) Charcoaler
5.) Frisco Burger
6.) Toro Burger
7.) AJ's
8.) Big Bun
9.) Mulligan's

10.) Frankie's Sports Grill at Fiesta Lanes

Personally I have only tasted Fuddruckers and Great American Land & Cattle, and I must say the Great American burger is the best! Green chile and cheese make that burger the best. Especially with the way its cooked and the bread is a perfect combo of warm and toasty. Excellent! You must try. Is there a burger you like somewhere in town? What is different about it that makes it the best to you?