It's love week! Better known as Valentines day. As many are gearing up for the romance with flowers, chocolates, dinners, sexy lingerie, marriage proposals, stuffed animals....excuse me while I puke.

Some cities are better at it than others. Surveys across the nation were taken and data was collected about the day of love. The data set includes such measures as restaurant meal costs, the number of attractions and the number of florists orders and just how much money people spend on the lovey dovey day.

The rankings came out as such listing the top ten best and the top ten worst.

Best Cities:

1.) San Francisco, CA

2.) Seattle, WA

3.) Orlando, FL

4.) San Diego, CA

5.) San Jose, CA

6.) Irvine, CA

7.) Portland, OR

8.) Scottsdale, AZ

9.) Plano, TX

10.) Fremont, CA

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Worse Cities

1.) Hialeah, FL

2.) Newark, NJ

3.) Cleveland, OH

4.) Garland, TX

5.) San Bernardino, CA

6.) Winston-Salem, NC

7.) Toledo, OH

8.) North Las Vegas, NV

9.) Laredo, TX

10.) Detroit, MI

El Paso didn't make the top ten best but it didn't make the top ten worst either. El Paso came in at an average at number 77. I guess El Pasoans celebrate Valentines with mediocrity. Go all out and have a great loving Valentines day!