Taste of El Paso is November 12th and tickets are selling fast. To get you ready to eat some of the best food in El Paso, we’ll be previewing each of the restaurants and the dish they’ll be serving at the 2014 Taste of El Paso.
Belle Sucre Bakery
Belle Sucre Bakery, located at 7500 N. Mesa ST #307 on the Westside, will be serving their handmade, decadent desserts at Taste of El Paso this coming Wednesday, November 12th. When asked what they will be serving this year at Taste of El Paso, they said they were going to be bringing their famous macarons. The bakery is known for their macarons, that come in a variety of flavors. Belle Sucre will be bringing all their varieties of macarons to the event, so you can try and sample which ones you like!
Belle Sucre Bakery
Belle Sucre Bakery
For their other desserts, they said they want to surprise attendees with new, fresh and unique desserts!
This bakery specializes in pastries, cakes, candies and delicious made from scratch bread. They are a retail and wholesale bakery so you can pick up items for a special party or just as an afternoon treat. Here are some photos of other items that they offer but will not be at Taste of El Paso.
Chocolate Cake
Pumpkin Puff
Fruit Tart
Mocha Slice
Chococlate Hazelnut Cake
Ferrero Rocher Tart