Barbie as you know her is no more.

Mattel announced Thursday it will now sell the iconic doll in three new shapes: tall, petite and curvy (the original one will still be available).

Barbie has been an American institution for 57 years, but her look will turn some heads. According to Time, "Mattel has tweaked Barbie’s face, makeup and fashions to keep up with the times. Her mouth has transformed from a smirk to a smile, her hair from brunette to blonde. Mattel even made small alterations to her body."

The doll has received a lot of flak over the years for presenting a physical image of women which no one can achieve. That criticism seems to have reached Mattel's ears. Evelyn Mazzocco, senior vice president and global general manager of Barbie, said, "We believe we have a responsibility to girls and parents to reflect a broader view of beauty."

You can buy the new Barbies online beginning today (January 28). They're expected to be in stores this spring.