How cute are these guys?! The El Paso Zoo just announced the addition of a few new prairie dog pups and they're on exhibit for you to see!

“We have noticed that the pups are becoming independent but occasionally still check in with mom. They like to show off the food that they have gathered,” said Kenny Riley, Area Senior Keeper.

Staff is estimating that the pups were born mid to late March. Just this week, the third pup was spotted and staff believe they may have seen a fourth.

Typically, prairie dog pups don’t emerge until they are about six weeks old. Staff is unsure of how many were born but we will continue to monitor the exhibit. With the addition of the three pups, there are 18 prairie dogs on exhibit. But, we are still counting!

The pups are currently on exhibit for visitors to see during their visit. They tend to be out on exhibit in the afternoon around 3 p.m. and visitors can distinguish the pups by their size as well as their shiny new coat.