Remember when VH1 showed videos? Then surely you remember that 90's sensation "Pop-Up Video", right? 

Of course you do.  It was the music video show where bubbles would pop up with various trivia "nuggets" and sarcastic remarks.  

Well, VH1 just announced they'll be resurrecting the series with a couple of minor tweaks.  This time, they're taking on hip-hop videos, too. They were "off limits" back in the day because hip-hop was considered the, quote, "domain" of VH1's sister network, MTV.

The other difference is the planned use of   "user-generated content", which I assume means some kind of social media tie-in. New episodes will begin airing this fall. Until then please enjoy this video example in the form of REM's ‘Losing My Religion‘Pop-Up Video’ ...

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