Baby Arthur is back! With a big assist from his photographer mom Emily Cleaver, seven-month-old Arthur plays a starring role in some of the most famous scenes in movie history.

Previously you saw the little guy recreating scenes from ‘Jaws’ and ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ Now he’s back with more baby versions of classic flicks. You haven’t seen ‘Rambo,’ ‘American Beauty,’ and other cinematic classics until you’ve seen them with baby Arthur playing the lead roles. 

The talented baby’s cute movie interpretations are featured on the blog ‘Arthur Recreates Scenes From Classic Movies,’ with notes from proud mom Emily Cleaver about how Arthur is usually pretty calm and easy to work with. (No baby divas on this set.) Check out more of the tot’s priceless posses below.

‘The Godfather’


‘The Blair Witch Project’

‘American Beauty’

[via Studio Arthur]