As cringe-worthy situations go, this one is pretty awkward

Daniel Pena documented via dash-cam video his recent promposal to his girlfriend, Alex. Her initial reaction to his grand gesture, however, was not exactly what he expected or was hoping for.

Daniel’s scheme involved driving his girlfriend through a stretch of road where he had posted several custom made signs along the route that read, “Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me.”

But Alex missed the first sign and did not know the message was intended for her. After reading the last one and realizing what it was, she says, “That’s a sh***y way to ask someone to prom.” After a few uncomfortable seconds of silence, Daniel responds with, “Well … okay.” That’s when Alex becomes fully aware it was meant for her and starts bawling because she feels so bad.

We learn later they hug it out and she said yes, so all’s well that ends well, right?