Regulars at Ascarate Park are mad because fees to enter the park are going up, and they're thinking about a boycott.

El Paso County officials raised the entry fee to $5 per car on holidays and major events. People who regularly use the park say that jump in fees isn’t fair because they will have to pay the increased fee even if they aren’t attending an event.

El Paso golfer Kristi Albers runs the First Tee program that helps introduce young, disadvantaged kids to golf. She says parents who are trying to drop off and pick up kids will have to shell out that fee, and it might keep people from signing their kids up for the program.

The Ascarate Golf Course Association says without golfers, “Ascarate doesn't have anything," and a boycott by the group is being considered if things aren't changed.

County officials say they will be discussing possible changes to the fee structure to allow for frequent users of the Ascarate.