A Mt. Holly, Ark., woman was arrested for felony child endangerment after her baby was hospitalized with a blood-alcohol level of .19

According to a report from The Smoking Gun, 28-year-old Lori Sheppard’s 10-month-old son was teething and she couldn’t get him to stop crying so she called her mother for help. Her mom suggested rubbing a little whiskey on his gums.

Lori apparently misinterpreted that advice because she filled child’s bottle up with bourbon, and fed it to him. Then she put him in his playpen and stepped out for a little while. By the time she returned, the baby had gone limp.

He was rushed to the hospital with a blood-alcohol level of .19. It took several days of treatment before he recovered. He has since been released to child protective services.
Sheppard was arrested for felony child endangerment and aggravated assault.

And how’s this for irony; in her mug shot she's wearing a shirt that says "A Nicer Way to Say You're an Idiot!" with a bunch of slogans on it like "Her stove is on, but nothing’s cooking.