The weather is getting colder and your face might need a sweater! Why not grow out your facial hair for a good cause? No Shave November is the month for men to grow out their hair for charities. It's also known as Movember but some say that term is just used from growing out mustaches. No matter what name you use, it's all for a good cause.

Women you can join in getting hairy for charity by skipping your waxing or not buying razors. I know this may sound a little disturbing but it's for a good cause and maybe some men love hairy ladies!

There are different ways people participate such as getting people to sponsor them as they grow out their hair or just donating the money they save from shaving products to cancer research and other charities.

Those brave enough to not shave the whole month of November are awesome in my eyes and I would love to see pictures! I don't know everything about this No Shave November so I hope this video helps!