Space exploration is astounding these days with modern technology. They're really finding some crazy interesting stuff! Makes you wonder, are we really alone?!

NASA's Kelper probe has found two new planets orbiting a distant sun-like star, and the researchers who made the find say these two are the size of Earth or maybe a little smaller. And that is a big deal in the search for extreterrestrial life!

Kepler-20e and Kepler-20f, are much too far away to be seen directly and they both orbit a star about 950 light years away. One planet takes about 6 days to orbit the sun like star and the other about 19 days. Now, both planets are far too hot to carry any type of life, but the fact that they were found baffles scientist into thinking that there are many more earth sized planets. With just the right positioning in the universe, this could mean existance of other life!

The team of scientists are publishing their findings today in the scientific journal, "Nature". Can't wait to read it! I love space! lol

More details to come.