If ghosts are real, then is this proof of their existence? I asked listeners of Mike and Tricia Mornings to submit photos they had personally taken that they thought were of a ghost or a ghostly nature. Those below are the ones I found to be the most compelling, but because of the proliferation of technology and Smartphone apps whose sole purpose is to scare and/or fool people by imprinting ghostly images, I cannot vouch for their authenticity. I have published them as they were sent to me along with any accompanying text. As always, We Report, You Decide!

1. Martin Aguirre sent in this photo he says was taken at Memorial Pines Cemetery about a month ago.

Submitted by Martin Aguirre

"I went with my brother and father in law (shown in the picture) to cremate a body late at night. I took about 20 pictures and I didn't see anything until I was reviewing [them]. I showed [this one] to my in law and he was a bit spooked since the shadow looks like a tall man -- exactly like the body he was cremating. I know it was not a shadow because none of us were in that certain position."

2. This photo taken at the Amador Hotel in Las Cruces and submitted by Rick Morton, appears to be a shadow person behind the guy in the gray shirt. Rick thinks it resembles a cavalry soldier.

Submitted by Rick Morton

"You see the pants tucked into to knee high boots! I don't know what it is. It's been examined by a professional photographer and he can't explain it."

So what do you think of the photos, undeniable proof, or weird and creepy but certainly not irrefutable evidence?