Back in the day, Elizabeth Taylor shocked the world when she stole Carrie Fischer's dad, Eddie, from Debbie Reynolds.  It shocked the world because Debbie and Eddie were Hollywood's Golden Couple.  Fast forward a few decades, and Hollywood's Golden Couple, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston's marriage crumbled under Angelina Jolie's sexy gaze.  Now, it looks like Jen is the other woman.  But could that be a good thing?

A relationship expert says, a love triangle isn't always a bad thing.  Dr. Jane Greer says Jen isn't the "other woman", she's the "new woman".  While it may sound like semantics to some people, she really does make some good points.  She may have even given Angelina the ammunition she needs to stop being labelled a homewrecker six years and six kids later!  Check out the article on Shine at and tell us what YOU think!

And then check out this seriously HAWT scene between Brad and Angie!