The more famous these women get, the more money and fame they have. But is it bad for the men in their lives?

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We know that the Kardashians LOVE to date athletes and they always do seem to find some of the best looking athletes to date. But according to the Huffingtonpost, dating a Kardashian is statistically not good for the athlete's career.

When Reggie Bush was dating Kimmy K, his popularity was good but once he broke off things with her, his popularity went down. Sadly, it still hasn't recovered for the professional football player.

When it comes to Kris Humphries, his popularity is probably the saddest of all. Voted Forbes, "NBA's Most Disliked Player" and just nine months, his likability factor went from 87% to 46%. That's a HUGE plumment for a marriage that only lasted 72 days.

And probably the guy who has done the best since being with a Kardashian is Lamar Odom. Since marrying Khloe his likability has gone up and down along with the struggles the couple face on national television. However, it is interesting to see if the couple was to divorce what would happen to his likability.

So what do you think? Do the Kardashians only hurt the careers of the ones they fall in love with? Should Kanye watch out? What do YOU think?!

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