If you went to Michael Buble's concert when he came to the sun city, then you know how awesome he is! And just recently he got just that much more awesome...

Michael slammed Kim Kardashian in a recent concert in New York city!During the show, he announced, quote, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have a very special guest.  Please welcome Kim Kardashian."

 After some gasps from the audience, he said, quote, "Nah, just [effing] with you!  That [B-word] isn't coming on my stage."

Then he dedicated his next song, "Feeling Good", to Kim's soon-to-be ex, Kris Humphries.  He said, quote, "She hurt him, she hurt him!  I wish she had hurt me!"

I couldn't help but laugh at his light-hearted insult! I heart you Mr. Buble!