I don't know ANYONE who takes their Facebook friends THIS seriously.  I mean, if someone defriends you, you can always just quickly grab another long lost acquaintance or some random person in Facebook land to take their place. But this woman was NOT having it.

 Last week, 30-year-old Jennifer Christine Harris of Des Moines, Iowa, BURNED DOWN another woman's house! All because that woman defriended her on Facebook! (Whack-OH)

On October 27th, around 1:00 A.M., Jim and Nikki Rasmussen of Des Moines heard some strange popping sounds.  They woke up to find their house on fire.  As the siding melted off and the roof of the garage collapsed, they got out safely.

When the police asked them what had happened, Nikki immediately told them it was Jennifer.  She said they were friends, but have been fighting and that day, Nikki had defriended Jennifer.

Apparently, Jennifer asked Nikki to create an invitation for a party on Facebook.  But as the party got closer, a lot of people were declining.  Jennifer blamed Nikki.  Things spiraled from there, leading to the defriending and then the fire! Jennifer was arrested for first-degree arson.

This one is another one for the books...Facebook that is!