NOT these two! Wal-mart... just hearing the name makes me sigh. But we all shop there anyways! And these two shoplift there and leave some "valuables" behind...

On Wednesday night 19 year old Kelsey Grobmeier and 20 year old Michael Kaufman of Louisville, Kentucky went to a Walmart with their two small children for a fun family activity, also known as shoplifting!

Kelsey and Michael stole a cell phone and tried to steal a tablet computer, but couldn't get it off the display.

While they struggled with it, a Walmart security guard came up and confronted them.  And Kelsey and Michael did what any responsible parent would and ran off!  The two of them ran away, and FORGOT to take their children with them!  Their kids are three years old and 18 months! Even worse! They are babies!

They actually got away, but about an hour later, when guilt set in I guess, they came back to retrieve their children.

The cops were waiting for them.  Both were charged with theft, criminal trespassing, endangering the welfare of a minor, and tampering with physical evidence. 

Why are some people allowed to reproduce?