Hello J.T. I've got some Ocean Front property in Arizona I'm trying to unload..you wanna help a brother out..LOL...How are you? It's been awhile. How's life in Florida? Say hello to Becky for me. As for me, I'm still "Puttin the Rock back in Roll, and the show back into Radio.!!" I'm doing afternoons at Kiss-Fm. If you ever get homesick, go to our website at kisselpaso.com and click on the link where it says "Listen Live". I'm on from 3-7pm Mon-Fri. I got married last September to a great girl named Rosie. If you're ever on Facebook, look me up at Tony Bravo Kiss-Fm. There's a few pictures of me with my wife. I'm Facebook friends with Randy Williamson and Libby Zabriskie among other old radio cohorts. How's the real estate business down in Florida? Next time you're in El Paso, or whenever, give me a call. My cell number is .............. Johnny, I've never really gotten the chance to thank you for all you did to help me in my radio career. You taught me alot about how to be a pro, and I've passed that knowledge and life lessons on to other aspiring young talents. Can you believe it, I'm into my 37th year in radio here in El Paso..!! Somehow, I've become the dean of Radio Broadcasters in El Paso, and it's still fun for me. You were my radio idol growing up as a kid, and I still love to tell that story about the times that you were so hard on me early in my career, making me re-do production, sending me out to High Schools to emcee beauty pagents, and critcizing my work. I game into your office to complain about why you were so hard on me, and wondered why you never criticized the other guys on your staff. You said the reason was because those guys didn't have half the talent I had, that they were jealous of my potential, and they didn't have the same drive and ambition that I had to suceed. That stayed with me through-out my career, and I thank you. I tell my wife that story, and I told her how later on in my career, when we were both working at KTSM, you in T.V. sales and me doing mornings at 99.9. The people we worked with at KTSM would tell me how you were always bragging about me to them, and it made me feel good that I made you proud. Keep in touch Johnny. Hope to hear from you soon. Tony