I’ve had the opportunity to attend several Chihuahuas’ games during opening week. More than anything else, people seem interested in knowing the logistics and time involved in getting downtown, parking and walking to the game.  I thought I’d keep track of that time for you when I attended the game on Saturday, May 3rd.


4:58 pm - Leave station, walk across the parking lot and have dinner.  Since I had a couple of hours till first pitch and was feeling hungry, I thought I’d stop by Unruli’s next door to the station for a pizza and beer (or two) before heading downtown.  I suggest you try the "Juaritos" pizza if you stop by.

The Juaritos pizza at Unruli's - Photo by Alex Chavez

6:07 pm - Finish dinner and begin my drive downtown.  With first pitch scheduled for 7:05, I decided I'd finally begin my short drive from the KISS studios towards downtown.

6:26 pm - I found parking next to a meter on Stanton St. just off of Missouri Ave.  Since it was after 6:00 pm and a weekend, parking was FREE!!  After thinking I may have locked my keys in my car, I double check I have my game ticket and begin the four block walk to Southwest University Park.

6:35 pm - I arrive at the Santa Fe Street and Franklin Ave. gate.  My walk was approximately 10 minutes but considering, I was taking more of a leisurely stroll than going for a power-walk, I feel I made excellent time.  First pitch is still a half-hour away, I took the opportunity to walk around a bit and take some pictures.

View from Left Field Lawn - photo by Alex Chavez
View from sky boxes behind home plate - Photo by Alex Chavez


Artwork hanging on the wall near the suites - photo by Alex Chavez
Artwork hanging on the wall near the suites - photo by Alex Chavez

6:42 pm - I get to my seat in Section 116, Row O, Seat 9 and settle in for what turns out to be an exciting game.  I must say, it's a pretty cozy spot.

Game Time:

6:55 pm - Managers exchange lineup cards.

View of the lineup exchange from my seat. - photo by Alex Chavez

7:05 pm - First pitch/Game Begins

photo by Alex Chavez

Post Game:

9:56 pm - Game ends and Chihuahuas win 8-5.  If you're looking to catch a home run ball, I'd suggest sitting in the lawn behind left field.  The majority of the balls that get hit out of the park seem to end up there.

10:03 pm - Fireworks show begins!!!  They'll be having these after every Saturday home game and wouldn't you know it, but KISS just happens to sponsor them ;-)

Fireworks!! - Photo by Alex Chavez
More Fireworks!!! - photo by Alex Chavez

10:20 pm - Fireworks show ends and people begin leaving the stadium.  It was a fun night!!

Photo by Alex Chavez

10:32 pm - I arrive back at my car and begin my drive home

10:48 pm - I arrive home and looking forward to my next trip downtown.

It took me just under 30 minutes to leave the station, drive downtown, park, walk to and arrive at the gates of Southwest University Park (or the SUP as some people call it).  If I would have left earlier, I could have had dinner and drinks at any number of places already situated downtown (something which I plan on doing the next time around).  The game itself was exciting with the Chihuahuas hitting 3 home runs and earning the victory as well.

There's been a different kind of energy downtown on game days.  You should consider being a part of it :-)