88-year-old Ethel Britt was just enjoying her birthday with a bingo game on Thursday when one of her fellow bingo players got a bee in his bonnet and slashed her tires with an ice pick. 82-year-old Fred Smith was arrested and charged with criminal mischief to a vehicle after he was seen on video outside the bingo parlor trashing Ethel's tires.

What did Ethel do to Fred that set him off? Smith told police that Britt was sitting in his favorite bingo seat. Must be a heck of a seat! Fred says he is embarrassed at his behavior.

Fred could face a $500 fine for the tire damage and restitution to Ethel. She says she didn't know the seat meant that much to him, and has no hard feelings toward Fred. She just wants him to pay for her tires because fixing them took every dime she had in the bank.

Who knew bingo was such a contact sport?